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Coffee Luwak Tour

coffee luwak

This day trip combine some sightseeing with main interest visiting coffee plantation where you will be shown the traditional process of making coffee and also learn about the famous Luwak coffee. In addition to visiting coffee plantation, you will also visit an amazing rice terrace, have lunch overlooking the volcano and lake Batur, do a short trekking through volcanic rock, bamboo forest and also visit a very unique Balinese traditional village.

coffee luwak

First stop of the journey will be visiting a beautiful rice terrace in Tegallalang. The emerald-green rice terraces in the river gorge north of Tegallalang village in central Bali are generally considered to offer travelers the best photo opportunity.


Heading north for another few minutes we will arrive at the coffee plantation where you will be able to sample local blends. These included the prized Kopi Luwak, or beans that have been eaten by the civet cat, not-really-digested, then pooped out, collected up, cleaned, roasted and ground for our drinking pleasure.

These cats eat the coffee berries for the flesh, but leave the beans inside undigested. These are passed and then collected, thoroughly washed, sun-dried, roasted and then ground into coffee powder.

coffee luwak

Finally, you will get an opportunity to try a delicious array of hot beverages (including some variant of coffee and tea) along with fried cassava or sweet potato to clear your palate, at no charge. Some drinks available to test are: Lemon tea, Ginger tea, Ginger coffee, Ginseng coffee, Chocolate coffee, Pure chocolate, Vanilla coffee and also Bali coffee.


For those who highly curious and want to try the Luwak coffee, you will be charged IDR50,000 per cup (USD 5). It only .requires one tea spoon of the finely ground beans and so for a one-time taste test.

coffee luwak

Luwak coffee is not going to change your life, but it is a delicious and aromatic coffee. You may not believe if the coffee was made from cat poop because it smells exactly the opposite of how you would imagine. When you compare it with regular Bali coffee side by side, it wasn't even close (in terms of aroma or taste). It's smooth, dark and slightly sweet. If you aren't a coffee fan, you may not even notice the difference.

coffee luwak
coffee luwak
coffee luwak
coffee luwak
coffee luwak

After visiting the coffee plantation, we will drive you up to Kintamani for lunch overlooking the volcano and lake Batur. From there you have a spectacular view of lake Batur and also the view of active volcano of Mt. Batur while enjoying your lunch.

Breakfast overlooking volcano and lake Batur

Optional short trekking through volcanic rock of Mount Batur is available if you need a bit exercise.

The vast rocks was formed by the cold lava of the last eruption of Mount Batur. From there you will get a closer look at Mt. Batur on your north side and Mt. Abang on the opposite side. Your guide will tell you the history of Mt. Batur and its eruption.

larva trek

If you prefer to do a trekking under the shade of tree, we can also take you for a walk through the bamboo forest. This forest is the largest bamboo forest in the island where you can see different types of bamboo growing in their natural habitat. Please don't forget to bring mosquito spray as sometimes you will probably find some of them flying around inside the forest.

bamboo forest trekking

Final stop of this trip is visiting a unique traditional village called Penglipuran. Here we are welcome and allowed to go in to visit their traditional house compound. This village has its own unique culture and way of life. Penglipuran village is a place of interest and outstanding beauty in Bali. All the houses have been built from north to the south with the traditional entrance gate to each family compound being nearly identical.

Here you will have rare opportunity to explore the uniqueness of Balinese traditional compounds which is only a few still remain in the island. We will also guide you through everything from the how’s and why’s of daily offerings to the amazing relationship betwen Balinese architecture and it’s spiritual practice.


Pricing Scheme:



USD 45/person (adult)

USD 25/person (child)

(Booking minimum: 2 participants, special price is available for group booking)

(USD 60 for solo traveller)

group booking

4 - 6 people = USD 35/person

> 6 people = USD 25/person

For group booking and details information, please contact us.


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